Powerful, Compact, 4 Wheel Drive, Hydrostatic  Dumper 

  • Power is provided by the reliable Kubota D series engine
  • Automotive DA controlled pump provides safe and smooth control at all times.
  • Twin-Lock wheel motors provides power to each wheel via its own dual hydraulic motor . As one wheel starts to lose traction, the power is distributed to the other wheels to compensate thus giving Intelligent 4 wheel drive.
  • With a steering angle of +/- 36° and gradeability  of 50% this makes the HT 1.0 series dumper an effective tool for hard to access sites with difficult terrain.
  • Steering: Priority load sensing hydrostatic centre pivot
  • Working brakes: Hydrostatic retardation
  • Park brake: Automatic in rear wheel motors
  • Two versions available High Tip or Powerswivel
  • Unrivalled operator access & comfort
  • Excellent rough terrain performance from permanent 4-wheel drive
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Column operated forward and reverse directions with acceleration by foot pedal
  • Simple and safe operation; drive direction on the steering column
  • Simple instrument panel including fuel gauge, hour meter, warning lights for parking brake, oil temperature, oil pressure, engine temperature
  • Folding ROPS as standard
  • Flashing beacon as standard
  • Easy access to engine compartment for service & maintenance
  • Recovery hitch as standard
  • 24 HP engine (18kW)
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Ample ground clearance
  • Excellent turning circle
  • Reversing alarm as standard
  • Separate fuel and hydraulic oil filler compartments
  • Skip tips to 90º(high tip) 2 lever control
  • Adjustable suspension seat

Machine Details

  • Make: NC
  • Model: 1.5 HIGH TIP